An Office Away from Home: Cape Town’s Best Coffee Shops with Free Wifi

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Mondays can be hard. But, one of the best things about working remotely (other than the option to stay in your pajamas and work from home) is having a variety of “office” spaces to choose from every day. Thus, I have had the opportunity to sample Cape Town’s coffee shops, and finest coffee. And it doesn’t disappoint.

The internet access and reliability, however, does. So for all of you who need an office away from home in Cape Town, here is a review of the best spots to work from, based on the coffee, service, and stability of the free wifi connection (not necessarily in that order).

Number 1 spot goes to Sotano in Mouille Point. I should say that my top spot changes on a weekly basis, but these days I am super satisfied with the service (awesome) and the location of this oceanfront gem. It’s not really a coffee shop, but they serve Origin coffee, and during the day there are quite a few other freelancer-types hanging around with their headphones and laptops, both inside and outside on the lovely (and large) patio. There’s even a larger communal table in the back corner and their wifi is always working. Without fail. Which brings Sotano to the top spot.

Next spot goes to Truth on Prestwich Memorial. They also serve delicious and top quality coffee, the wifi works consistently, and the views of Table Mountain are pretty spectacular. Service is good and there is an option to sit outside on the patio. Truth’s shop on Buitenkant St is also pretty scenic with its original “steampunk” design.

Truth cape town best coffee free wifi

Truth Coffee

After that, I have to say I spend a lot of time at Origin in De Waterkant. And the Loading Bay. Both of these places have great coffee (especially at Loading Bay), and whatever they lack in service they make up for in trendiness. Although there aren’t any mountain or ocean views to be seen, the main sights are the hipsters and the decor. Loading Bay is particularly well-designed with its luxury apparel upstairs and they serve locally roasted coffee (from the Espresso Lab Micro-roasters in Woodstock). If you can’t decide where to go, check them both out – they’re right next to each other. Note of caution: LB limits your wifi access to 2 hours max.

Whilst working in Woodstock (before moving to Sea Point), I discovered a couple of good spots in the Woodstock Exchange building. Superette is a fantastic little breakfast/lunch spot, with great service, and pours Deluxe coffee. The only problem is the wifi. It basically doesn’t work. There is another little spot, Starling & Hero Bicycle Cafe, tucked around the corner in the courtyard of the building that has very reliable wifi and nice strong coffee served in miniature stovetop espresso-makers. They also serve fresh squeezed juices and snacks. And nice service – I got free samples of freshly-baked cookies from the guy behind the counter.

Cafe Neo was the first spot I found to work at in Cape Town, so it still has a (tiny) place in my heart. But the service is mediocre at best. I have also had to leave as a result of their shoddy wifi. And the coffee isn’t anything special. HOWEVER, there are lovely views of the ocean, a nice sunny patio, and a long communal table with many power outlets designed specifically for people on their laptops. So don’t avoid it completely, just be prepared for below-average service and questionable wifi. Nothing wrong with a glass of wine on the patio though.

Starling&Hero best coffee free wifi cape town woodstock

Starling & Hero

Top 7 Coffee Shops in Cape Town with Free Wifi

1. Sotano
2. Truth
3. Origin
4. Loading Bay
5. Superette
6. Starling & Hero
7. Cafe Neo (no website)

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  1. Simon Stewart
    Monday, February 3rd, 2014 at 12:46 pm (4 years ago)

    This is brilliant!

    We’ve got a whole website & mobile apps geared towards helping remote workers find a Wi-Fi enabled spot to work from in SA.

    We currently have 1929 locations listed in 57 cities.

    • elena
      Wednesday, February 5th, 2014 at 4:34 pm (4 years ago)

      Thanks Simon! Cool app 🙂


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