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Warming Blueberry Pecan Porridge

Happy 2016! I just got back from the most incredible holiday in South Africa where I got married (more on this later) and wow it is ever cold and dark in Vancouver, Canada! This recipe is adapted from an overnight muesli bowl that I frequently make and pack for work – it is basically a […]

Ruby Tuesday: Banana Elderberry Pancakes

This post and these pancakes are inspired by my boyfriend who, upon waking this morning, proceeded to sing the words of Ruby Tuesday, inadvertently leaving me with the sound of the Stones in my head for the rest of the day. The same four lines, over and over. After a long holiday weekend, Tuesday feels […]

Dieta side effect – smoothie bowls

It has been over a week of being on a ‘dieta’ now and the verdict is: eating whole, mostly plant-based foods really does make you feel like a million bucks! I mean it. It feels incredible! No alcohol, caffeine (including green tea), refined carbohydrates or sugars, processed or deep-fried foods, gluten, or excess salt, and I […]

Inspired by Gogo’s Deli: Breakfast eggs & homemade ricotta

Yesterday I visited a charming little deli in Newlands called Gogo’s, a small family-run farm shop that specializes not only in grass-fed meats (including Happy Hog bacon), but the most delicious organic cheeses and yogurts. I stocked up on lovely stinging nettle goat’s feta, free-range eggs from Paarl and Stellenbosch, and blueberry and granadilla goat’s […]

Superette & the health benefits of beer and butter

If you were ever under the impression that Superette’s portion sizes would disappoint (like their Wi-Fi connection does), I’m pleased to say they don’t. The breakfast dishes at this bustling Woodstock café will occupy you for so long you’ll forget you ever needed to get any work done. So Internet access aside, Superette is fantastic […]

Prescription painkillers and warrior yogis

PRESCRIPTION PAINKILLERS: After years of steadily rising addiction rates to prescription drugs and powerful painkillers, the FDA is finally starting to crack down a little (no pun intended). OxyContin, one of the most highly abused pharmaceutical opioids, is already being more tightly controlled in both Canada and the US, and now changes to prescribing practices […]

“Cape Doctor” and Poached Eggs on Spicy Lentils

I woke up craving poached eggs. With lentils. And with all of this wind blowing in Cape Town, I wanted something comforting and spicy for breakfast. The wind is absolutely insane over here. And apparently I haven’t seen anything yet – this is just the beginning of the wild winds that blow throughout the summer […]

Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal with Coconut Flakes

This is such a comforting breakfast, with all the warmth of baked oatmeal and cinnamon scented carrot cake flavours… finished off with a crunch of toasted pumpkin seeds and walnuts and light flakes of tropical coconut. If you have the chance to work from home on a rainy morning, or want something different for your […]

My Daily Breakfast: Fruit & Nut Yogurt Bowl

This is a breakfast recipe that I make some variation of on almost a daily basis. For weeks in Vancouver I ate the exact same breakfast every day (Greek yogurt topped with diced apple, blueberries, raspberries, and toasted hemp seeds, almonds and pumpkin seeds), sometimes working it into my day as a snack instead of […]

Fresh Spring Frittata Recipe

In the spirit of spring arriving in Cape Town, I thought I’d share a fresh and healthy new breakfast recipe. Following an early-morning weekend jog (which was forced upon me against my will by my over-zealous boyfriend), I felt surprisingly energized (given the amount of red wine consumed the night before) and was inspired to […]