Superette & the health benefits of beer and butter

Superette breakfast Woodstock Cape TownIf you were ever under the impression that Superette’s portion sizes would disappoint (like their Wi-Fi connection does), I’m pleased to say they don’t. The breakfast dishes at this bustling Woodstock café will occupy you for so long you’ll forget you ever needed to get any work done. So Internet access aside, Superette is fantastic – with fresh Deluxe Coffee, good service, and gigantic breakfasts. The breakfast sandwich is so big I’m almost convinced that if I came here with my boyfriend he would refrain from eating two (but I’m not entirely sure…), and the house-made granola with fruit and yogurt was bigger than my head. They were out of the banana bread, but surprised us with the last piece, served topped with melted brown sugar and butter. We didn’t get much work done, but it was super satisfying.

Superette Breakfast Sandwich

Here are some fun wellness links on beer (for runners), butter, and bulletproof coffee. The moral of the story is EAT REAL FOOD.

BEER DRINKING RUNNERS: As a runner and beer lover, this running club in Philadelphia sounds pretty great. “Fishtown Beer Runners” celebrates the joys of running and beer drinking, together at last. It’s not as hard core as the Beer Milers (a race of four laps and four beers around a 400 metre track – vomiting or “chundering” gets you penalized one lap), and it turns out there is some positive scientific support for running and drinking beer. Dr. Castillo from Spain, conducted a study with fascinating results: his research found that drinking two cans of beer was just as effective as drinking water for recovery after exercise. Another study from Australia (of course) found that drinking light beer with salt was a “healthy alternative” to water after exercise. Have a beer with a salty snack will keep runners hydrated. One member of the beer running club in Philadelphia, who is training for a half marathon, seems to have his priorities straight: “Loving beer comes first. Finding something that I like that made me not get fat came next.”

BUTTER IS BEST: We can all just forget that myth that butter is bad for you. It isn’t. It was just a ploy by the “healthy eating” industry (the same one that feeds you garbage gluten-free alternatives and sugar bombs disguised as health drinks). There is actually no real evidence that saturated fats (butter, red meat) lead to heart disease. This may sound crazy to you, but there is no evidence that fat is fattening. Which explains things like Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Coffee (coffee blended with butter and coconut oil for breakfast). Eating fats can actually suppress one’s appetite and help with weight loss and may stimulate your body to burn more fat. And remember the push for margarine over butter? How could we ever think that eating something synthetic and gross tasting, laced with additives and low-quality trans fats would be better than real, pure food. It’s hard to admit when you’re wrong, so we can’t expect much in the way of an apology from governments or health charities, but forget the low-fat version of whatever it is you’re eating. It’s just not good for you. Go for the real thing.

NUGGET FOOLS: In the spirit of eating real food, this study provides us with yet another reason to avoid commercial crap, mostly because it is simply disgusting. Despite the addictive and delicious flavour of the chicken nugget, don’t be fooled: there really isn’t much chicken meat in that morsel of fried fat. A recent study found that nuggets sold as “chicken” are actually primarily made up of artificial by-products of chicken parts – fat, blood vessels, nerves, skin and bone. If you only knew how that tastes without the artificial flavouring!


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