Prescription painkillers and warrior yogis


PRESCRIPTION PAINKILLERS: After years of steadily rising addiction rates to prescription drugs and powerful painkillers, the FDA is finally starting to crack down a little (no pun intended). OxyContin, one of the most highly abused pharmaceutical opioids, is already being more tightly controlled in both Canada and the US, and now changes to prescribing practices of drugs containing hydrocodone (for example, Vicadin) will follow suit. Just to give you an idea: in 2011 alone, 5 billion pills containing hydrocodone were prescribed to 47 million patients in the US. It’s no wonder prescription drugs account for three quarters of all drug overdose deaths. I co-authored an article last year that reviewed the extent of the problem in Canada (here in Pain Physician).

WARRIOR YOGIS: THE HISTORY OF YOGA: The $5billion industry in the US may have most people fooled into believing yoga is all about zen, relaxation and peace. In fact, the evolution of yoga has taken many different paths. Some yoga traditions emphasized supernatural powers with the goal of controlling others. A new exhibit at the Sackler Gallery in London, shows 1000 year old tantric yogis sitting in poses with bared teeth and voluptuous breasts – wild goddesses adorned with serpents. The 11th century yogis were not necessarily focused on just inner peace. They were tough, ready to fight. Many yogis were violent warriors. So it’s important to remember that yoga is not just Lululemon, coconut water, and incense. It comes from a very bloody history combining spiritual enlightenment and war. The very elements that make yoga such a popular activity in the West today (strength, flexibility, focus and clarity) are the qualities that originated to make yogis powerful in the ancient East, in both their blessings and their battles.

BREAKFAST AROUND THE GLOBE: Breakfast, my favourite meal of the day for sure, is enjoyed all over the world in all sorts of interesting ways. Whether it’s fried eggs and bacon, pastries, fish, rice, granola, or cheese buns – everyone loves breakfast: the most important meal of the day. See what the rest of the world eats for their morning meal.

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