A few thoughts on how to not destroy the planet

These links are about the health of our beloved planet Earth.


PLASTIC SEAS: Plastic debris in our oceans is playing a key role in contaminating our seafood. Which means we are being contaminated too. People are eating fish all the time and fish are eating plastic. The chemicals in the plastic enter the bloodstream and tissue of fish through their stomachs, exacerbating the transfer of toxins into the food chain. It’s become such a health concern that the researcher behind the plastics study in marine toxicology at the University of California has limited her seafood consumption to no more than twice a week (and no swordfish).


MEATLESS MONDAY IN THE MILITARY: The Norwegian military is setting the example of eating less meat in an effort to combat climate change. They have implemented a strict vegetarian diet once a week for their troops and hope to reduce their meat consumption by 150 tonnes per year. “The idea is to serve food that’s respectful of the environment.”

consumed by sarah elton
CONSUMED: Canadian writer Sarah Elton (author of Locavore) tackles the problem of how to feed the world without destroying the planet in her new book Consumed: Food for a Finite Planet. One of the main issues at hand is the way modern farming relies on ‘monocropping’ – planting a single species of crop over hundreds of acres, without considering the importance of the ecosystems surrounding them. Natural genetic diversity is necessary for our plants to adapt in changing conditions and support complex ecosystems. Without it, there won’t be much left to consume.


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