The Free State

The farm is located near the foot of Lesotho’s gorgeous mountain range – the highest in Africa south of Kilimanjaro. The hills create a striking backdrop for South Africa’s farmland in the Free State, casting great shadows over the crops in the afternoons and glowing pink and lavender in the hour just before dusk. At this time of year, autumn, most of the land is dry and has turned from green to golden, with mounds of honey and blue-hued shrubs.

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The mornings are brisk. The chill in the air makes it perfect walking weather, especially with a mug of hot coffee. We take the dogs (all five of them) for a long walk in the hay-coloured veldland each morning before breakfast, the sky-blue sky brilliant above us. There is a lone bok (antelope) out there who has himself confused for a horse. He follows the herd of horses around for weeks and looks lost and alone when the horses are brought back to the stables. He keeps his distance from us and the dogs and knows that we are watching him, as he seems to continue his search for his herd. There is a sadness about this beautiful bok. And we hope that he stays on the farmland where he will be safe from hunters.

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