GMOs and Moody Genes

This week’s wellness links are on the theme of GENES. I share these from a new and very cute cafe in Sea Point called Flatteur, which I would definitely recommend for a coffee or tea, and their breakfast is lovely. They serve Origin coffee for you coffee snobs out there ;).

GMO FOOD… Genetically modifying food is like something out of a science-fiction movie. It refers to when genes of one organism have been “cut out” and then “pasted” into another organism. And the thing is, we don’t know what the effects of doing this will have on our health. But we’re eating GMO foods all the time anyway. Great. European governments have made some progress towards eliminating GMO products, and at the very least, labelling is mandatory. In Canada, labelling GMO food is voluntary, leaving consumers with no idea what they’re really eating. Canada will inspect a food product and label it “GMO-free” for export to other countries, but for it’s own population they don’t bother. How ridiculous. At least let us know that you’ve decided to inject fish DNA into my strawberries so I can decide whether or not I want to eat that. Read more here.

GET MORE SLEEP… Although we’re still not entirely sure why we need to sleep, there is some evidence demonstrating that it helps us to consolidate memories and protect us against disease. When we are in deep sleep, our brains are moving our memories around, from short-term to long-term storage, making room in our heads for new short-term memories the next day. So if you don’t get enough sleep those memories might just disappear forever! That sounds a bit sad actually. The magic number is 7 (hours). In a British sleep research study, people who had less than 7 hours of sleep showed gene activity associated with inflammation, immune response and stress, as well as diabetes and cancer. So getting more sleep might just make us healthier too. Read more here.

PESSIMISTIC GENES… Sometimes I think I might have this. I know my father has it, so I probably got a bit of it from him ;). Canadian researchers have recently discovered that there is a genetic component to always seeing the bad side of every situation. While some people might stand on a cliff looking at a waterfall and think wow, this is so beautiful up here, people with the negative gene (my dad) would think wow, this is really dangerous and someone should put up a fence before someone dies. So if you’re not one to wear rose coloured glasses, it’s not your fault. Blame your genes. Read more here.

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