On coffee and running barefoot

COFFEE… If you’re worried about your coffee consumption, a new study found that “too much appears to be more than 28 cups per week” if you are under 55 years. I’d say most of us are in the clear. Read more here.

RUNNING BAREFOOT… Something that has been on my mind is this idea that running barefoot is better. I have been shopping for new running shoes and almost bought a pair of those barefoot-simulating shoes, NOT the ugly toe ones, but the ones that have practically no material or support. Sometimes trends are just wrong:

“I’ve managed to teach myself to run in Vibrams [toes shoes]. It’s taken about eight months, and I still can’t run as far as I used to, but it feels much more natural.”
“That’s good. What sort of surface do you run on?”
“Pavements, sometimes the canal towpath.”
“I see.”
“I’ve also started theĀ Paleo diet.”
“Is that where you only eat what you can kill or find?”
“No, I still go to the shops. I just only eat raw food.”

Okay, I stand behind the Paleo diet, but in defence of more cushioned trainers, read this.

PRESCRIPTIONS FOR PRODUCE… Eating fruits and vegetables is so good for you, doctors are starting to prescribe them in place of medications. Read more on this progressive program in NYC here.

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