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A Quick Detox to Increase Energy

Life’s all about balance, right? So after a week of farmhouse-style living – big family meals of freshly slaughtered meat followed by puddings and custards, and mornings of Jersey creamed coffees and baked rusks – a detox was in order. I knew I could only manage a short one here on the farm, 3 days […]

On Plant-Based Protein

When it comes to our health, hard-core bodybuilders and vegans alike would probably agree that incorporating lots of plants and greens into our diet is good for us. Where the debate arises tends to be around that essential little thing called protein. How do vegetarians and vegans get enough protein? Which is better for us […]

A few thoughts on how to not destroy the planet

These links are about the health of our beloved planet Earth. PLASTIC SEAS: Plastic debris in our oceans is playing a key role in contaminating our seafood. Which means we are being contaminated too. People are eating fish all the time and fish are eating plastic. The chemicals in the plastic enter the bloodstream and […]

Dieta side effect – smoothie bowls

It has been over a week of being on a ‘dieta’ now and the verdict is: eating whole, mostly plant-based foods really does make you feel like a million bucks! I mean it. It feels incredible! No alcohol, caffeine (including green tea), refined carbohydrates or sugars, processed or deep-fried foods, gluten, or excess salt, and I […]

December Dieta

It’s a refreshingly rainy Wednesday morning here in Cape Town. I love the way it feels when it rains during summer months in hot places, like a warm shower from the sky, and when the sun comes out anything that got wet dries within minutes. I have started a cleanse or ‘dieta’ this week and the […]

Superette & the health benefits of beer and butter

If you were ever under the impression that Superette’s portion sizes would disappoint (like their Wi-Fi connection does), I’m pleased to say they don’t. The breakfast dishes at this bustling Woodstock café will occupy you for so long you’ll forget you ever needed to get any work done. So Internet access aside, Superette is fantastic […]

Prescription painkillers and warrior yogis

PRESCRIPTION PAINKILLERS: After years of steadily rising addiction rates to prescription drugs and powerful painkillers, the FDA is finally starting to crack down a little (no pun intended). OxyContin, one of the most highly abused pharmaceutical opioids, is already being more tightly controlled in both Canada and the US, and now changes to prescribing practices […]

GMOs and Moody Genes

This week’s wellness links are on the theme of GENES. I share these from a new and very cute cafe in Sea Point called Flatteur, which I would definitely recommend for a coffee or tea, and their breakfast is lovely. They serve Origin coffee for you coffee snobs out there ;). GMO FOOD… Genetically modifying food is […]

On coffee and running barefoot

COFFEE… If you’re worried about your coffee consumption, a new study found that “too much appears to be more than 28 cups per week” if you are under 55 years. I’d say most of us are in the clear. Read more here. RUNNING BAREFOOT… Something that has been on my mind is this idea that […]