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Flourless Nut Butter Banana Muffins

A few weeks ago in Cape Town, I posted a recipe for my Flourless Almond Butter Bread – which contains no sugar, oil, or gluten, and is full of wholesome, healthy ingredients. I experimented with this recipe by turning it into muffins and adding just a little bit of sugar to make it more of […]

“Cape Doctor” and Poached Eggs on Spicy Lentils

I woke up craving poached eggs. With lentils. And with all of this wind blowing in Cape Town, I wanted something comforting and spicy for breakfast. The wind is absolutely insane over here. And apparently I haven’t seen anything yet – this is just the beginning of the wild winds that blow throughout the summer […]

Indian Spiced Carrot Ginger Soup

There are so many recipes out there for carrot ginger soup, and I have probably tried the majority of them! The following recipe is one of my favourite variations and incorporates everything I like most about this lovely nutritious bowl of goodness: Indian spices, sweet potato, lemon, yogurt, and coriander. It’s comforting, yet light and […]

Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal with Coconut Flakes

This is such a comforting breakfast, with all the warmth of baked oatmeal and cinnamon scented carrot cake flavours… finished off with a crunch of toasted pumpkin seeds and walnuts and light flakes of tropical coconut. If you have the chance to work from home on a rainy morning, or want something different for your […]

My Daily Breakfast: Fruit & Nut Yogurt Bowl

This is a breakfast recipe that I make some variation of on almost a daily basis. For weeks in Vancouver I ate the exact same breakfast every day (Greek yogurt topped with diced apple, blueberries, raspberries, and toasted hemp seeds, almonds and pumpkin seeds), sometimes working it into my day as a snack instead of […]

Homemade Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Sometimes it’s nice to go into denial. It was practically snowing last night in Cape Town, meanwhile it’s 30+ degrees in other parts of the country. Well, raining/hailing, and it felt for a moment like I had never left Vancouver. I was still there, on False Creek, unable to see the mountains through the rain […]

Raspberry Bircher Muesli

Let’s just say that being back in Cape Town has been a bit of an adjustment coming from the farm. No more running with the dogs or riding horses, and back to cars, crowds, and construction noise. But also back to the ocean! And Cape Town is an incredibly beautiful city with so much to […]

Homemade Greek Yogurt

As my yogurt and cheese-making dreams are running wild, I have at least turned the yogurt-making part into a reality. Yesterday I made my first batch of Greek yogurt with Jersey milk from the dairy. I started with 3 litres of milk (which produces about 1.5 litres of Greek yogurt after straining). It is unbelievably […]