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Banana-Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Okay here we go, the easiest ice cream in the world – dairy free, gluten free, vegan, etc…. AND you only need one ingredient: bananas! There is something about frozen bananas that when you blend them up in a food processor, they take on the form and texture of ice cream. This is truly an […]

In Season: Baked Nectarines with Cinnamon Butter

A lovely box of summer stone fruit arrived at my place the other day: gorgeous, ripe, organic nectarines from a nearby farm. There is nothing better than freshly picked summer fruit. It’s like you can taste the sunshine in your mouth! Perfectly soft and sweet, with the most incredible aroma. We’ve been enjoying them all […]

Super Healthy Cocoa Tahini Hemp Balls

These little balls are incredibly satisfying for a sweet craving. They’re nice and rich, chocolatey, and the best part? They’re super healthy. Hemp is one of the most dense plant sources of protein, omega-3s and fibre while peanut butter is high in healthy fats as well as potassium. And Tahini! It is a marvellous thing […]

Perfection in Gluten-Free Cocoa Brownies

Because we all love brownies… There really isn’t any excuse for these. And they don’t need one. They are simply the best: rich, dark, moist, and somewhat healthy chocolate brownies made with raw organic cocoa powder, coconut oil, and gluten-free sorghum flour. I have been experimenting with different flours for baking, and I must say […]

Strawberry Cardamom Compote

Cape Town has this uncanny ability to catch you off guard and steal your heart away with its surprisingly stunning beauty. If something has managed to put you in a bad mood (like, your apartment building just got broken into, or you can’t get a hold of the Department of Home Affairs for weeks, or […]

Homemade Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Sometimes it’s nice to go into denial. It was practically snowing last night in Cape Town, meanwhile it’s 30+ degrees in other parts of the country. Well, raining/hailing, and it felt for a moment like I had never left Vancouver. I was still there, on False Creek, unable to see the mountains through the rain […]

Caramelized Apple & Pecan Crumble

Being out in the country, with a chill in the autumn air, surrounded by golden leaves and apple and cabbage farms, means one thing: comfort food. And with all of the lovely ripe apples around, an apple crumble is in order. I decided to add roasted pecans for extra comfort, and the key with this […]