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Inspired by Gogo’s Deli: Breakfast eggs & homemade ricotta

Yesterday I visited a charming little deli in Newlands called Gogo’s, a small family-run farm shop that specializes not only in grass-fed meats (including Happy Hog bacon), but the most delicious organic cheeses and yogurts. I stocked up on lovely stinging nettle goat’s feta, free-range eggs from Paarl and Stellenbosch, and blueberry and granadilla goat’s […]

Cold Front Cottage Cheese

In the last week, a cold front has brought a series of storms across the Western Cape. Looking out the window, the rain is falling sideways and palm trees swing wildly. I heard August was generally a bad “winter” month here, but it was hard to believe when I was walking around over the weekend […]

Hopefield Farmhouse Cheddar – Part 2

I mentioned a month ago in a post on how to make Cheddar (Hopefield Farmhouse Cheddar – Part 1) that the cheese would need to age for at least one month. Well folks, here we are. The plan was to leave my three little cheese wheels to age slightly longer, since I prefer sharper cheddar. […]

Hopefield Farmhouse Cheddar – Part 1

Ever since the cheese course ended in June, I have wanted to try out my new skills at home, but haven’t quite had a chance. Mostly because I have been house-sitting in lovely Camps Bay with distractions that include taking the very naughty dogs to the beach, spending too much time outdoors in this warm […]

Ricotta Magic

Fresh ricotta is one of life’s greatest little miracles. Transforming that horrible-looking yellowish liquid (whey) into a delicious soft white cheese is truly magical. And ridiculously easy: I will never throw out whey ever again! There are other things you can do with the whey, such as feeding it to houseplants or pets, but ricotta […]

Curds & the Cape Whey

There is a constant, underlying sense of fear that one must acknowledge exists while in Cape Town, or anywhere in South Africa for that matter. It’s not quite paranoia, and sometimes you don’t even realize that you are in imminent danger when you are, but it’s there: a threat that lives on the edge of […]