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Warming Blueberry Pecan Porridge

Happy 2016! I just got back from the most incredible holiday in South Africa where I got married (more on this later) and wow it is ever cold and dark in Vancouver, Canada! This recipe is adapted from an overnight muesli bowl that I frequently make and pack for work – it is basically a […]

Parsnip & Autumn Apple Soup

I’m sorry to say that I have been neglecting Graze for a while, but happy to say that I have a gorgeous new recipe for fall! It seemed to happen overnight – the leaves changing colour, the days shorter, the chill in the air. And then I found myself making soup again! It’s apple season […]

Banana-Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Okay here we go, the easiest ice cream in the world – dairy free, gluten free, vegan, etc…. AND you only need one ingredient: bananas! There is something about frozen bananas that when you blend them up in a food processor, they take on the form and texture of ice cream. This is truly an […]

Homemade Almond Milk

Why have I not done this before?! Homemade almond milk is the most delicious thing I’ve ever made in less than 5 minutes. It’s creamy, nourishing, smooth, satisfying, and has that real almond flavour – the one that almond extract tries to replicate and can’t. I will never buy almond milk again. It doesn’t come […]

Ruby Tuesday: Banana Elderberry Pancakes

This post and these pancakes are inspired by my boyfriend who, upon waking this morning, proceeded to sing the words of Ruby Tuesday, inadvertently leaving me with the sound of the Stones in my head for the rest of the day. The same four lines, over and over. After a long holiday weekend, Tuesday feels […]

Mushroom, Sage & Cannellini Bean Stew

When it gets dark at 4pm and it’s raining and cold outside, dinner needs to be something warm and nourishing. This recipe for a mushroom and cannellini bean stew is super simple, nutritious, and quick to make – great for an easy after-work dinner in the winter months. This recipe is very adaptable, so feel […]

Coconut Flour Apple Cinnamon Muffins (grain-free)

I just recently discovered the magic of coconut flour for baking, and I’m pretty excited about it! There are so many great health benefits and advantages to baking with coconut flour that it’s almost too good to be true. Here are 6: 1. Gluten free (and doesn’t ruin your baking) Some gluten-free flours either (a) ruin the […]

Organic Okanagan Peach Crisp (gluten-free)

Peaches! These gorgeous, organic peaches from last weekend’s road trip to the Okanagan are absolutely perfect on their own, but a couple were beginning to get a little too ripe so I decided to make a peach crisp. I also had some organic blueberries picked from a local farm and threw some into the mix for […]

Detoxifying Blueberry Beet Shake

It’s one of those glorious summer days in Vancouver, the sun is beating down on the city and the ocean is gleaming, the people are gleaming. It feels like July. On warm summer days like these, nothing is more satisfying than a cold shake to keep your body both hydrated and well-nourished. I had some already […]

A Note on Iron and Perfectly Baked Kale Chips

All the hype around kale is pretty much warranted. Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables you could possibly eat – it has more than double the antioxidants than other greens and the health benefits of kale are endless: high in iron, calcium, fibre, vitamin K (shown to be protective against cancer), vitamin A, vitamin […]

Flourless Nut Butter Banana Muffins

A few weeks ago in Cape Town, I posted a recipe for my Flourless Almond Butter Bread – which contains no sugar, oil, or gluten, and is full of wholesome, healthy ingredients. I experimented with this recipe by turning it into muffins and adding just a little bit of sugar to make it more of […]

A Quick Detox to Increase Energy

Life’s all about balance, right? So after a week of farmhouse-style living – big family meals of freshly slaughtered meat followed by puddings and custards, and mornings of Jersey creamed coffees and baked rusks – a detox was in order. I knew I could only manage a short one here on the farm, 3 days […]

Nectarine Cardamom & Chia Seed Granola

Granola is one of those wonderfully versatile things. As long as you have some rolled oats, some fat, something sweet, and some nuts and seeds as a base, you can pretty much do whatever you want. This particular granola recipe was really an experiment. I had nectarines that I wanted to use up and thought, […]

Flourless Almond Butter Picnic Bread

Yesterday was one of the hottest days of the year in Cape Town, ending in a spectacular sunset and picnic on the beach. After spending the majority of the day in the ocean, we watched the sun dip into the golden horizon, colouring the sky bright pink and orange, and nibbled on all sorts of delicious […]

Say I Love You with Chocolate Banana Bread

Nothing is really known about the third century Roman Saint, Valentine, other than his name and the fact that he died on February 14th. Some say Valentine’s Day was created as an attempt to supersede the pagan holiday, Lupercalia. Others believe in the legend that St. Valentine refused to sacrifice to pagan gods and was […]

Seafood Pineapple Curry with Minted Cardamom Wild Rice

Making curries at home may seem complicated, often because the list of ingredients can seem to go on forever, but it’s really quite easy. I’ve simplified the process by starting off with blending the majority of the ingredients together at the beginning, creating a delicious thick and creamy base to work with and build on. […]

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