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A visit to Kolkata is like a visit to the past and to the frightening future at the same time. It provokes thoughts of a world filled with uncontrollable garbage rotting everywhere, the rancid, almost sweet smell inescapable. The streets are crammed with yellow cabs from the 1950s, the old British Ambassadors. They say this […]

South Indian cuisine

There is so much to say about my experiences in India so far. Where to start…I know, FOOD. So having your own cook in India is pretty great. She is an older Indian woman who takes care of the guesthouse I am staying in. Nalini-ma makes the most delicious Indian food: healthy, vegetarian and home-cooked. For breakfast […]

First impressions of India

When I first arrived in Bangalore, India, it was nighttime. One thing I always love and remember for years to come is the ride from the airport to the hotel in a new country. This ride was the most remarkable. As we drove through the city in the dark, it was like an assault on […]

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