Buckwheat Apple Spice & Honey Pancakes (gluten-free)

buckwheat apple spice honey pancake recipeI woke up to a cool and cloudy October morning in Cape Town and it felt very much like October in Vancouver (but with less rain and warmer…). It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, and I can feel it from all the way across the world, after years of associating October with bright orange pumpkins, turkey and mashed potatoes. And ripe apples. I desperately wanted the smell of autumn in the kitchen and so I decided to make hearty pancakes with grated apples, cinnamon and allspice.

This recipe yields super thick pancakes, almost like apple fritters, lightly sweetened with honey and the natural sugars of the apple. I used a combination of oat flour and buckwheat flour, so it’s gluten-free, but I’m sure you could substitute with any flour of your choice. The yogurt adds a lovely texture and flavour, but milk will work too, only it will thin out the batter a little.

These pancakes taste great topped with a dollop of Greek yogurt (especially homemade) and a drizzle of honey. They are also delicious with the traditional butter and maple syrup duo, or try spreading organic peanut butter on top with honey or jam. No matter how you decide to eat them, they will add a little Canadian October to your morning. And they smell incredible!

apple pancakes with honey and yogurt recipe

Buckwheat Apple Spice & Honey Pancakes (gluten-free)

½ cup flour (1 part oat flour, 1 part buckwheat flour)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp allspice
½ tsp baking powder
pinch of sea salt
1 egg, whisked
1/3 cup plain yogurt (or milk)
2 Tbsp honey
2 grated apples*

organic butter for cooking
more yogurt and honey for serving

*I used gala apples and grated them with the skin on, but peel them if you prefer.

Mix the first 5 dry ingredients together in a large bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk together the egg, yogurt (or milk), and honey. Add the wet ingredients to the dry and mix until combined. Fold in grated apple.

Heat a large frying pan on medium. Once the pan is hot, add a little spoonful of butter and spread evenly around the pan with a pastry brush. Add the apple batter to the pan, spreading them out gently with a spatula for even thickness and cook in batches. Flip each pancake once after about 2 minutes or until small bubbles form on the surface and cook until both sides are golden brown.

Serve with yogurt, honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Makes about 6 medium-sized pancakes.

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